Episode 2: The Triumphal Arch

Father Justin Ramos, O.Praem., and Creative Director Enzo Selvaggi meet in the abbey church to discuss the imagery and techniques behind the great mosaic of the triumphal arch.


Amid the scaffolding and construction equipment, we tour the symbolism, the tesserae, and the vivid colors of the coming artwork, while connecting it to the artwork throughout the church.

Join us as Saint Michael’s Abbey comes alive, and we build together, to unite heaven and earth!

Past Episodes


Episode 1 : An Introduction

Father Justin and Creative Director Enzo Selvaggi share the meaning and importance of sacred art, as well as the history of the abbey.

Peering into the live construction site itself, we encounter the significance and symbolism of the shape of the abbey church, while Father Justin Ramos and Enzo Selvaggi from Heritage Liturgical give us a brief preview of the upcoming episodes.

With intimate glimpses into the stunning and monumental artwork currently underway, and soaring overhead footage of the entire abbey project, the new abbey becomes alive and familiar.

Join us as we go deeper into the Church’s great tradition of art, symbolism, and theology uniting heaven and earth!

Explore the religious and historical significance behind the sacred art of the new abbey! 

Sacred art and architecture inspire devotion, stir the soul toward the Creator, and give us a glimpse of our heaven to come.

We invite you to join Father Justin Ramos, O.Praem., and Enzo Selvaggi, Creative Director at Heritage Liturgical, as they share the newly commissioned artwork of the new St. Michael’s Abbey.

Episodes focus on various areas in the abbey and will present you the coming artwork immersed in the Church’s tradition of sacred symbolism and beauty — to unite heaven and earth in the new home of the Norbertine Fathers.

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