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Holy Name of Jesus

by Fr. Benedict Solomon, O.Praem.


“There is no other name under heaven given to men, whereby we must be saved.”

The name of Jesus, as we know, is responsible for battles being won. It is the cause of people being healed of sickness and even death. The Holy Name of Jesus gives value and merit to our prayers.

And yet this name is used in vain by so many. To use God’s name in vain doesn’t only mean using it with a bad word. It also refers to when we use God’s name carelessly. Eventually it becomes a habit.

Some think that if we use God’s name in vain out of habit, it’s not as bad. When it is easy for us to do something bad, when we sin easily, and when it is hard for us to stop, that is worse than when it is difficult for us to sin. It means there is a greater disorder in our souls.

Misusing the name of God, especially by blasphemy, invites the Spirit of Blasphemy and other evil spirits into one’s house. The name of God can be used to expel demons, but some use it to invite them.

The name of Jesus is a defense against temptation and sin; it is a prayer in itself, and can put us in direct union with Him. “Whether you eat or drink, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus.” The name of Jesus completes everything we do.

Since we are children of God, we have an obligation to confess God’s name. This means praying before meals, even in public. It means praising God and speaking about His goodness to others so that God’s name may be praised by others.

And finally, we are to praise God’s name by our actions – the way we speak, dress, and behave in public and in private, so that all may know we are Christians, and that God’s name will not be blasphemed because of us.

Let us strive always to show honor and reverence to the Holy Name of Jesus, by bowing our heads every time we hear it in church; and every time we or someone else misuses God’s name, we can say prayers of reparation like the Golden Arrow or simply say “Blessed be God, and Blessed be His Holy Name.”

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